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Acrylic Pour using Gin

Yep, I did say gin. Now don't be horrified at the waste of gin - I found it in the back of the cupboard where it had been for at least 2 years following a spate of cocktails made with it, apple juice, prosecco and elderflower cordial. I didn't think it would be such a good idea to drink it after all this time, and there is a paint pouring process that uses isopropyl alcohol...so I just gave it a go.

I mixed the gin with the paint to make it runny ..about a teaspoon of gin for a large squirt of fluid acrylics (half and half approximately) and then I topped it up with the same amount of pouring acrylic medium.

For the dirty pour I used Yellow Azo Gold, Prussian Blue, Turquoise, Jenkins Green and white. The cells have broken through better than when I used WD 40.

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