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Heron monoprint.

This is a monoprint I did a couple of weeks ago of a Heron, which I'm going to turn into a painting - again just an experiment at this stage. If you have used an ink which will allow you to paint over the monoprint, then you can use the print itself. If you haven't or you want to do more than one, or even resize, use a photocopy of your print.

Having got the copy the right size, you will need to cut carefully around the outside of the image. Next, prepare the background. I achieved the effect of grasses here by putting lots of runny acrylic paint on the bottom edge of the canvas and used a palette knife to draw the paint up in sweeping strokes.

Then I used acrylic gel medium to stick the monoprint/copy of monoprint onto the base painting. Put a layer of the gel over the entire picture to avoid getting bumps and ridges.

When the gel is dry you can use acrylic paint (in this case paint mixed with glazing medium) to colour your monoprint.

I've added a layer of acrylic pouring medium to the whole of the image and when it is dry it will give a mirror like appearance to the picture.

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