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Looking at Bridget Riley's work, Pause

I've been to visit the Seurat to Riley exhibition at Compton Verney 3 times - it's really good and worth a visit (closes on Sunday so be quick!)  It's called The Art of Perception and features work by Escher, Bridget Riley and many others connected with the idea of playing with visual perception through colour, optical processes, movement, geometry, Moire, and perspective.

More than anything I love to see how an artist works and there were one or two preliminary sketches by Bridget Riley including one for her work "Pause" 

I thought it was interesting how your eyes played tricks on you seeing curved lines where there weren't any, and I wanted to have a go at something similar so I could see how it was done. Doing things fixes them in my mind a bit better.

So I took out my sketchbook and drew a grid in pencil on an A4 sized page. I kept the horizontal lines the same distance apart but made the vertical ones converge in the centre. See below.

Ok so they're not madly accurate - if you were doing something more considered you'd spend time getting this spot on. Graph paper would have been handy!

I then drew a circle touching the sides of each box. I filled in every other box. I used watercolour to give an idea of colour to highlight the movement.

I enjoyed exploring this idea. I may do one putting the converging lines in different places to get different effects - just for fun. Not sure how to use this idea without copying in some way, but will keep in my sketchbook for future reference.

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