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Lothar Gotz - using his ideas for some textile work

Lothar Gotz has work in the exhibition Seurat to Riley (The Art of Perception) showing at Compton Verney until 1st October. There are a number of small pieces on show and a complete room installation.

I liked his geometrical paintings and sketches, and the colours he used in the pieces exhibited. He's a German artist who references ideas about architecture and space, with abstract geometric forms with lines and blocks of intense colour.

I had a go at reproducing a piece of his work from notes I jotted down on my visit to the gallery.  It's done just to remind me of his work, which sparked off an idea for a textile piece that I painted live at Festival of Quilts in August 2017.

I combined this idea of colours running through a design, but not in a straight line, jumping into the adjacent space, and coupled it with Bridget Riley's straight lines. As the exhibition at the Festival of Quilts was about portraiture, I used an abstract face as my design. The idea was to keep the eyes as realistic paintings though.

I put lots of heads together on cylindrical bodies, and continued the stripes - changing the positions - throughout the composition. Laura and I both wanted to use old quilts as a canvas, and to change their entire look and purpose.

Talking Heads - rough out in sketchbook.

As this was going to be painted live in the Through Our Hands gallery at Festival of Quilts, as a charity event, it was necessary to keep it fairly simple, so I appliqued the bodies and stitched into place with free machining patterns. I also made the outlines of the heads in applique strips to give a rough disjointed line.

The piece was done on an old picnic blanket - a quilt bought off of eBay - which I did lots more stitching too to texture and flatten the background.

The quilt was then stuck to a piece of MDF using acrylic gel and cut to size - leaving the edges unfinished.  Here's my chum, Laura Kemshall, installing our work before the exhibition opens.

Mid paint, and looking a bit ghastly IMHO, but more to be done.  Sadly I didn't take a photo of the finished piece, but you can see where I was going. Painting live takes a bit of courage, so not my best work, but fun and for a good cause.

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