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Pouring medium over fabric - slight fail.

Whilst the pouring medium which dried over the collaged monoprint was fine and I loved the finish, the effect over the fabric wasn't as successful. In the images below the medium still isn't quite dry which is why there is a slight haze over the flowers.

The fabric colour has altered substantially from this..... this. It's much darker and the shine on the silk is lost completely. I guess the fabric gets wet and that's what gets preserved. I think this is ok if you know this will happen, and factor it in so it's part of the plan for a finished piece, but it would be difficult to forecast the exact changes.

I do like how the dye has leached out and coloured the paper though - I'd be quite keen to explore this a bit.

In the meantime, the flowers on their own make quite a nice piccy.  If anyone would like this and is prepared to pay for postage and a little bit towards materials, that would be lovely. You can see it here.

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