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Taking a monoprint a bit further

I've really enjoyed doing some more monoprinting this week, and have taken one of my printed flowers a bit further by adding paint and mounting it on a canvas with collaged papers and old quilts. (This idea has come from a DMTV online workshop - link in sidebar) If you're not aware of DMTV and the marvellous Linda and Laura Kemshall, do check them out as they have some cracking ideas and techniques to share.

To start with I tried a monoprint taken from a photocopy of a digital drawing I did a couple of years ago. (I know...monoprint, digital drawing, photocopy...where will this technological madness end?)

After that, I photocopied the monprint and stuck it to a paper background using lots of gel medium. When it was all nice and dry, I painted over the top using acrylics and glazing medium. It's not necessary to use the glazing medium, but I found it helped the paint to stick to the dried gel medium.

Then I made it part of a collage with stitched fabric and the photo below shows the painted flowers under a layer of pouring medium (which will dry clear). When it's dry, I'll add more pouring medium to cover the stitched cloth too. Come back and see how it goes!!

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