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Christmas Lino Print Plans and Portrait Progress

 I was in a National Trust shop the other day and came across these packets of notelets. I really liked the design and the colouring, and thought I'd use them as inspiration for a Christmas lino print. The idea is not to copy them of course - there'd be no fun in that - although I do like the colour palette!

The backgrounds were interesting, and I have in mind a collograph of some kind. I think having just bought a new extension table for my Xcut, I shall extend the lino print to cover the back of the card as well as the front. I also think some nice bright red bobbles somewhere would be good - I'll be back in a bit to show you what I'm going to do.

I'm also working on a portrait in the new sketchbook and have got to the 3rd round of paint stage! (I colour in the whole thing with a loose wash, then go round and round the portrait systematically to add layers of paint).

Here's the first round....

 And the second ....

And a close up of the eye in progress....

Third layer....(more soon)

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