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Cutting Stencils using a die cutter

I think it's important to have a go and try new things even if they don't work out well. Just spending a few minutes messing around adds to your knowledge and is fun!

I had some left over paint on my palette and rather than waste it grabbed a sheet of paper and rollered using a brayer to cover.

Splodging on bits until my paper was covered, in a sort of pleasing way.

I thought it might be fun to add some stencilling to this, but of course I didn't have any. What I did find in the cupboard though was some acetate sheets that you use for card making (about £2 for 6 sheets at Craft Works/Hobbycraft - that sort of place)

I ran one through the Xcut with a flower die and voila, a stencil!

Putting a few flowers onto the background wasn't revolutionary or even a bit beautiful, but it was fun!

And a quick 30 seconds with a paintbrush.

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