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Decorating a craft box

Things are slightly chaotic at the moment as the time has come to clear out the studio cupboard. I'm having to have a bit of a jig round to get more space in the house and am getting 2 new small dressers in place of the wardrobe I currently use.  We've all got pictures like this, right??! That cupboard really held a lot more than I realised.

Amongst this lot is a small collection of children's crafty stuff - feathers, wax crayons, wobbly eyes etc - and I wanted somewhere safe to keep them together but that didn't look ugly or too childish. I found this Ikea box in the loft and decided it might do so set about making it more interesting. Apologies for the photos - they were taken at night (nothing on the telly again) in low lighting.

I used chalk paint on the outside of the box. 

And coated the box drawer fronts with a layer of gel gloss.

Then I stuck some papers on the box fronts. You could really get some lovely effects if you used your own printed papers, but I was in a hurry and had limited space, so used a pre-printed book of papers.

All the box fronts being left to dry (nb not cut to shape yet)

Using a scalpel to cut to shape once dried.

Finished box front.

Finished box. I may wax the chalk's recommended on the tin. Quite jolly results I thought and perfect on the new white dressers.

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