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Gourd - Small Applique and Stitch piece

Although summer is over, the autumn colours make everything seem warm and cosy. I was out and about a couple of days ago and came across some gourds for sale and I thought they'd look great on my garden table, popped into a few plant pots.

Couldn't resist bringing one inside for a spot of drawing!

I decided to make a small textile piece just for the fun of it. I've drawn the gourd onto freezer paper. To get the shapes you can see, I just looked at a photograph of the gourd and decided which were the dark bits (the dark green) and which were the light bits (the white). I drew these shapes directly onto the freezer paper, but you could photocopy your photograph and enlarge if you wish, and then trace directly from that.

Here's the freezer paper outlines again being auditioned against some orange home-dyed fabrics to give me an idea of size etc.

To keep it simple I've chosen to do my gourd in greens but you could choose any colours as long as you had a dark, a medium and a light fabric. You will need to iron on some bondaweb to the reverse side of the fabrics.

The easiest way to tackle the next stage, is to cut out the entire gourd shape in the mid tone green fabric.

Once the basic shape is cut, peel off the bondaweb backing and iron the shape into place on the background.

 Now it's a matter of repeating the process with all the shapes on your freezer paper,

 Until you have the image fixed firmly to your background cloth.

I've added a spot of extra darker fabric at the base of the gourd to look like shadow - this stops the gourd "floating" in the space and grounds it. Layer up the front piece with wadding and backing fabric and pin in place.

 I've added some 1/4" masking tape to give me some perspective lines for my free motion machining.

The completed piece.

I like free machining but I think this looked better in just fabric - interesting!


  1. Love, and thank you!! Nothing like a good goard with each having its own definite shape and coloring!

  2. I love the sequence. You make it seem so easy :) Cheers from Mexico!