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Geometric overpainting of a monoprint - style of Robert Kushner.

Quite a long while ago I did some digital drawings from a photo of heleniums in my garden. I was really pleased with the results despite forgetting to put in the stems!!

Since doing this, I've used this and similar images countless times in sketchbooks as a motif, and as something I can go to when I wish to experiment with various new techniques but don't want to spend ages finding a new subject. They are always there for the spur of the moment ideas!

Here they are again on a collaged backgroud and behind an acrylic pour.

And as a monoprint with printing ink on paper.

I'm a fan of the work of Robert Kushner who I occasionally come across when posting on the Through Our Hands Facebook page. Click here to see some of his work with Camellias.

I thought I'd use the monoprint above to see if I could get a feel for some of his work. I divided my paper with the monoprint into 4 vertical sections. I used watercolour to make a rough painting filling in with colour, but more or less keeping to the straight dividing lines. To make it interesting, I swapped the colours in each strip. I used yellow, grey, blue, black and green.

The monoprint bled a little as I guess the ink wasn't completely dry, but I liked the effect. I decided to go over the outlines again to make them stronger.

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  1. Robert Kushner book Gardens of Earthly Delight has been one of my favourite books for many years, its avisual feast and loving seeing work inspired him.