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Talking Heads - Printing 2 of 4 fabrics for new work

I need to take some portrait photos before I can progress with The Last Vision, and in the meantime am making something which will involve a great deal of piecing. The background will be fairly neutral and I have decided to print some fabrics for it. I need 4 pieces altogether in the light to mid ranges of grey.

The first piece is printed onto white so that it will fit in the light range I hope. Below - preparing the print table. To do this I put a sheet of wadding on the table before covering with my cloth. This cushions the stamps as they print ensuring a good contact.

Using the Messy Mats to keep my space clean but also to mix the Open Acrylics that I'm going to use for printing. The mats are wonderful - one of my 2017 best buys!

Dab a sponge into the paint to get an even covering but ensure it's not too heavy or lumpy. Cover the stamp with paint using the sponge - gently. To print, press firmly but not too hard onto the cloth and lift off. My fabrics are going to be cut into slices so I didn't line up my printed leaves, and chose to print at random.

For the second piece of cloth, I used high flow acrylics. You can buy these empty "felt tip" type pens to put the paint into, so I filled mine with black and white and swished around the pen to mix (you can just see ball bearings in the tube).

Again, the text needed to be random as this cloth is being cut up, and I didn't want identifiable text. Guess what the piece is going to be called?!!

So for today, I have one light and one light/medium fabric.

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