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Talking heads - an update

Here's a couple more pieces of fabric which I've overprinted.

This one was done with a very old Indian print block that was almost worn smooth - it did a great job considering!

This makes 4 prints.
I have begun to piece the fabrics into the background, adding a little colour here and there.

One of my Talking Heads (there are 5) will have the phrase "A Little Bird Told Me" stitched onto it, and I've made a body for the head by cutting holes in a piece of bondawebbed fabric. A little bird yet to be drawn, will sit on the shoulder of the body and be moulting feathers. The idea was to put pieced cloth under the holes, but I've decided that looks too fussy, so will go with something plainer.  My inner trypophobe is much happier with the pieces that cut out to be honest, so I might change my mind about which I use at some point!

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