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Beginning that latest piece at last!

I've begun work on the inside of the Princess and the Pea castle for my granddaughters but have had to stop whilst I wait for supplies. In the gap between yesterday and waiting for the post to arrive, I've been planning the latest piece of work, The Last Vision.

It's largely based around one of my favourite works which is in my image library - I'm sharing it and a couple of others but don't have artists details I'm afraid.  My first thoughts go to discharging dyed fabrics and adding paint afterwards. It will be a multi-portrait quilt and although I can see lots of places to go with it, nothing has been finally decided yet. If you are not sure what I mean by this technique, my friends Linda and Laura Kemshall have how-to videos which are quite inspiring.

I love the intensity given to the focal point by making the background unresolved. I have some portraits that I can use, but am always on the look out for more if you fancy it! Just contact me.

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