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Foraging in the garage trying to avoid diabetes

This is how far I've got with that pencil sketch. I'm going to call it a day for now - staring hard at someone you know quite well is an odd sensation, almost as if you've never seen them before, and that intensity is to be taken in small doses!

I've also started to get the work down from the tidy place I'd hidden it before the Christmas celebrations started, and am reacquainting myself with Talking Heads.  Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year - me? I'm still working my way through a large tupperware box of chocs (I put them all in together and am eating at random!) which I'm keeping in the garage so I have to go on an expedition rather than picking at them when I pass. I ought to stop and perhaps even throw them away but of course I can't.


  1. I've just eaten the end of the brandy sauce. It was in the fridge, not the garage. We start the diet next week. Love the sketch. Happy new year.

    1. And a Very Happy New Year to you too LTW! x