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Part of the updated storyline for the princess and the pea.

 My daughter has updated the story line of the Princess and the Pea for me and here's a little snippet from the first 3 chapters!! I think it's hilarious!


😂😂😂 The prince, the princess, and the pea.

Chapter one: A lonely prince

Once upon a time there was a prince who wanted a friend because he was lonely.

He often sat in his castle and thought how much fun it would be to have somebody to play table tennis with and tell bad jokes to. Somebody who would eat the gold-wrapped fruit creams out of his chocolate tin (he was a purple-wrapped chewy caramel kind of prince),

The prince sighed, and the royal dog rested its head on his lap.

Chapter two: A terrible storm

One evening a terrible storm came to the prince's land. The thunder crashed! The lightning flashed! And the rain poured down in torrents.

Suddenly a knocking was heard at the castle door:


So the prince opened it....

Chapter three: A princess arrives

It was a  girl standing out there in the storm. But, good gracious, what a sight she looked!

The rainwater ran down from the top of her head to the tips of her wellies! She was covered in mud, and was holding a spanner. From the crown she wore and the royal crest on her anorak, the prince could tell she was a princess.

"Oh good sire!" the princess cried. "My magical royal carriage broke down in the woods. I tried to fix it but I think the magic must have washed away in all this rain. I'm so cold and wet and muddy, please can I come in and dry off?"

Chapter four: A happy coincidence

Chapter five: The pea test

Chatper six: Morning

Chapter seven: A very happy ending.


  1. I'm agog. Will you be publishing it all?

    Loving the castle by the way, though still think a portcullis is an essential item for a castle, especially one with a Royal dog, or how does the Royal dog go out for a wee? These things are important you know!

    Hilary xx

    1. Lol! The butler assures me that the Royal Dog uses the roof garden with occasional leg lifting over the castellations. Repels visitors especially those looking for the way in!! The story is written but has to be illustrated which means making a book which I haven't got round to yet - too busy making Dorset Apple Cakes and fiddling around with the fabric draped over the easel.