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Princess and the Pea Castle - part 1

I have two adorable granddaughters, and thought I'd make them a book/model of a well known fairy tale. There's lots of story options of course and I'm making a start on The Princess and the Pea. I used to like this story when I was a child, though I intend to update the story line a bit, so stay tuned for a bit of a laugh as things progress! I had also thought of Rapunzel - maybe see how this one goes.

Here's the outer construction of the castle. I'm making it up as I go along so have no patterns to share with you, sorry.  Obviously it will be covered with vines and flowers. I was also thinking about a turret and possibly some astro turf and a nice table and umbrella! I'm sure if I had a castle I'd want to go on the roof to play.

Making the walls from mount board covered in stone effect paper.

These bits will hold the sides of my box together - no idea what they're called, but I've seen them on the corner of buildings.

Painting them a bit to look like stone edging.

Gluing them in place

Roof next I think.


  1. Wasn't that story all about a bed with lots of mattresses? So she couldn't feel the pea? I'm not hot in fairy tales so might have that all wrong.

    Now you should know my day job in in ' the built environment' - but don't judge me - and I'm no expert, but shouldn't a castle have an entrance and draw bridge and the like?

    Or will the bed be craned in over the battlements?

    This is intriguing. Off to find the story now!

    Hilary xxx

    1. Yes, lots of mattresses - you can see where I'm going I can tell. Entrance/drawbridge, heavens there's a task. I'm building cannons at the moment so you can tell this castle doesn't welcome visitors. The outer box you can see, lifts off to reveal the bedroom complete with bed and etc - just started a four poster too.

    2. Hilary, you're right. The author is Hans Christian Andersen.