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Originality, technical ability, emotional response
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A different log cabin


(26 inches x 31 inches)

Do you ever wonder if technique is the important thing in your work, or maybe the colour combinations combined with pattern, or maybe an emotional response - you have something to say, literally or figuratively.

I decided to make this piece out of plain white fabric and pieced a traditional log cabin top from it -  so it was complete but with no colour. Why not use a plain piece of fabric? Good question! I wanted to show the skill of piecing, but not make the quilt about those skills. They exist but you can't see them - humour me!!

The top was then painted and very heavily stitched, sometimes following the patterns in the piecing and sometimes ignoring the seams entirely, trying to deceive.

The colour palette was limited to oranges, magenta, gold green, and prussian blue. The inspiration is from the screen prints/mono prints/digital drawings in my sketchbook that I've used loads of times before. Here's the same drawing as an acrylic pour for a box canvas.

The plain white cotton pieced top.

 Some of the process in photos.

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