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The Last Vision - process posting 3

I'm continuing to work on The Last Vision. Hopefully this will form part of a new body of work in a new series, The Quilt as a Canvas (more about that a bit later on).

Here's some process pictures of how the background was done.

The Last Vision - some prep

The Last Vision is a quilt in at least 2 parts. I'm working on part one and prepping part 2 at the moment. The idea is to hang the pieces alongside each other so they can be seen together, but at the same time allow me some leeway in making as I only have a small domestic sewing machine. If I had a long arm or similar then it would be a different matter and I could go large with ease!

Part one - The Last Vision

3 portraits of one of my daughters, myself and my mother. A comment on the ephemeral nature of time and life.

The prep for part two so far.

Fabric background in sketchbook, with stencils, applique and monoprinting. Gesso on space for portrait.(this is an experiment, I don't usually bother)

 Round 2 of paint - open acrylics

Round 3 of paint - not finished yet.