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The Last Vision - process posting 3

I'm continuing to work on The Last Vision. Hopefully this will form part of a new body of work in a new series, The Quilt as a Canvas (more about that a bit later on).

Here's some process pictures of how the background was done.


  1. First of all, I just love that shade of gold. Gold is a tricky colour, don't you find? One of my favourites lately has been a test pot of wall paint from a well known DIY shop.

    Second I'm fascinating to see how you stitched and then added the paint. Does the paint cover all the black thread?

    As always, looking forward to seeing how this might emerge.

    1. Thank you ltw. I bought 5 different paints from very cheap to very expensive and each was very different and I ended up choosing one in the mid tone that wasn't too vibrant. They were either too dark or too bling. The paint does hide the colour of the stitching in parts but it's still visible. If you wanted a more uniform finish, I find rubbing the stitching with my nail while the paint is wet, brings it back. There would be little point choosing a coloured thread if I had wanted to hide it all and I guess I could save a few pennies by using white!!