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A very quick pear or two! Acrylics in A4 sketchbook

YouTube is a good place to go to watch artists paint/print/etc.  I don't spend hours on there but occasionally have a long session if there's nout on the telly. I've been watching how to do a quick pear - less than 5 minutes for each! So I had to have a go.

I got a new A4 sketchbook this afternoon, and wanted to go straight in and mess up a couple of pages.

The paint colours I've chosen.

Putting some on a paper towel and rubbing it all over the paper to make a coloured ground.

Using white paint to outline a pear. I'm reliably told that pears are a circle with a triangle on top. I also need a background line to be a table top.

Putting in darks in 3 places: behind the pear and on one side of the pear (the light is coming from the left). Also adding a stripe of dark as a shadow which makes the pear look as if it's sitting on the table.

Adding lights to the spaces where there are no darks!

Now to put in some lights on the table top on pear number 3.

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