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Double Gelli plate printing - with stencils and open acrylics

A simple print using a gelli plate and the cut out beetle left over from the screenprinting warm up last week and a couple of stencils. I recommend you use open acrylics - suitable for paper or for textiles, although if you prefer a soft hand with the latter, use textile paints.

A gelli plate (it looks a mess because I've left the dirty plastic backing on the non printing side)

I've stuck two pieces of thick paper onto the table top using masking tape. These bits of paper can now flip over the gelli plate to take a print. (see next photo below)

Both pieces of paper flip over the plate so that I can take 2 prints - each will be different.

I've inked the plate with golden open acrylic in yellow ochre. I've used a brayer to apply the paint so that I get an even surface. I've then dropped a stencil on top of the paint (no need to push down)

Fold over one piece of paper and press lightly all over the paper to make sure there's an even print. If you have a clean brayer or a barron that would be even better.

Remove the stencil.

Fold over the other piece of paper and press the paper lightly but firmly.

The second print - a ghost print.

Add a second colour, and roller to cover the plate lightly. I used alizarin crimson

Add a different stencil (I used an alphabet and numbers one available commercially). Fold over the first piece of paper again and press.

Remove the stencil.

Fold over the second piece of paper and press.

You now have 2 x 2 coloured prints.

Time to add a 3rd colour. This time a nice mid tone blue.  I don't wash the brayer in between paint layers or clean the gelli plate - I like the slight mix of colour I get.

I had a beetle print that I'd cut out left over from a previous project, but you could use another stencil, or a cut out flower - anything you like. I put it onto the blue and also used a stamp I'd made to add some texture. (Just press onto the wet paint)

Press the first piece of paper on the plate to take a print, and remove the stencil before taking the next print.

Here's the 2 finished prints. You could just add more and more if you want of course, but 3 colours was enough for me today!

Left hand side piece of paper.

Right hand side piece of paper.


  1. You're on a roll! Love the tip of taping the paper down. Brilliant! Now why didn't I think of that.

    1. And of course it means that you can register the print almost exactly if you need to.