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Large scale monotype with a bin bag!

I like to work large so this was something I enjoyed doing! (Monotype - single print taken from glass or metal using printing ink or oil paint)

In this photo I'm laying out a black bin bag onto a sheet of thick acrylic plastic (the stuff you make splash backs or greenhouse windows out of)

I'm taping down the edges with masking tape, allowing lots of billowing in the bin bag.

Rolling out the ink on a messy mat. I'm using water soluble printing ink (Caligo) Not sure it would work with textile paint as it might be too wet, but do try and let me know how you get on!

Rolling the ink onto the bin bag

When the bag is covered with ink, I've rolled down a piece of thick paper (fabriano) to cover.

Rubbing the back of the paper with clean hands to create a print.

Lifting the paper to reveal the monotype.

It's about 45 inches by 23 inches.

Below: close ups of the print

Adding a spot of red to the plate, and inking up the brayer.

After inking again, I added another edging of masking tape so that the print would have clean edges. I forgot to do that to the first print.

Using 2 pieces of paper to make small prints. (See below)


  1. Love this. I'm a sucker for mono printing - it's the texture! I must try these inks. I've used bags to remove ink to creat texture but never printed directly onto a bag. Fabulous!

    1. I like them as stand alone prints but they'd be great in collage or onto fabric as a background perhaps.

  2. I love this idea. I am definetly going to try it. I think I will try acryl textile paint. Maybe ad a little water to it. Thanks for this great inspiration!��