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Lino print and screen print together

Again, experimental so nothing considered going on at the moment - just wanted to see what happened with this idea for screen printing on top of lino prints. (note to self: it might have been easier to screen print the green shapes and stamp the leaf veins rather than the other way round!)

Also on this blog posting, for your delectation, some photos at the bottom of the screen of me trying out a 2 coloured monoprint on fabric.

Mixing the inks for lino printing.

Using a Messy Mat to roll out the ink and applying it to a lino cut.

Screen printing with black ink on top of the lino prints.This screen was made using soy wax - scroll down a couple of postings to see how it was done.

These prints were done in great haste so with a bit of care this could be a useful technique for fabric and paper.

Trying monoprint on fabric.

Laura and Linda Kemshall on DMTV are a wonderful inspiration for everything fabric. A go-to for how to videos! This was another quick try as I had an idea for a 2 coloured image and wanted to see how I'd do it.

Using biro and a spatula to make marks onto fabric. The inked printing plate is underneath. It's just as easy with paper.

Lifting the edges to see if the marks were coming through ok.

Again, not a finished piece just an experiment to see how to mix colours on a monoprint. It's a lot easier than I thought!!

Back soon with more.

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