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Screen Printing part 2 - printing onto cloth

Yesterday's stencil for my screen printing was made from paper, and wasn't strong enough for the job as I did a lot of printing! It also wasn't washable so I was unable to remove any stray traces of paint on the bottom of the stencil.*

So I made another stencil in thin plastic - acetate. Mark the outside shape of the stencil with a Sharpie (you can just about see this through the mesh which helps no end with positioning).

Here's the fabric paint that I'm using - a mix of yellow and red.

Here's the paint pulled across the screen onto the fabric below.

Here's the results of the screening onto own-dyed cloth. I now need to tackling the veining and leaf markings for step 3!

* Now here's a thought. I don't have a water supply in my studio and so keep a supply of baby wipes the clean up little spills and wipe my fingers etc. They work extremely well and save a lot of traipsing back and forth to the kitchen. The last lot were a jumbo sized pack from Poundland and they are amazing at cleaning, and cut there way through most things - but the thing is, when I looked at the ingredients I was a bit taken aback and although they must be safe surely, I certainly wouldn't want to use them on a little baby's tender butt. Just absolutely fine and dandy for me though!!

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