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Screenprinting Warm Up 2 - soy wax

In the last posting I used paper resists on the screen and came up with some print ideas. Today I wanted to try another experiment using soy wax as a resist.

This is something I'd never done before and had no idea if it would work, but thought it would be a very useful tool if it did. You can get fab printing results using photo emulsions methods etc but that's not for me at this stage anyway.

Why soy wax? Well I know it dissolves in hot soapy water so I'm hoping to be able to use the screen to print again and again.

Here's some of my leaves that hang in the studio... another useful motif and a change from beetles!

Here's the equipment. Soy wax is heating in the pot - I've gone for number 6 heat. Brushes and tjanting for applying the wax.

Pencil and screen

Using a pencil to put a shape onto the reverse side of the screen - that's the side that lays flat against you fabric or paper.

I've covered the screen in hot wax, leaving gaps where I want the paint to come through. If you hold the screen to the light, you can see all the little places you've missed. It might need 2 coats of wax.

I'm using a block printing ink and have done a quick run through onto printer paper as a test.

Below: another run through onto fabric. I washed the screen in cold water ready to have another go tomorrow. The wax is fine to use again - though I might add another layer of it as I need to tidy the print up a bit.

 But before I go, I've printed the last of my ink onto a lino block (Japanese lino). This will enable me to make a block without the leaf veins to print different coloured leaves onto fabric, which I can then screen print over.  Yes, there's probably easier ways, but humour me, I'm having fun!

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