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A quick bit of fun with string pulling

Here's a sketchbook page with a couple of string pulls in it. These were done today with Quink (though you can use any ink or paint) and here's how I did them. It's very quick and easy.

Here's the equipment you need. Some paint or ink, (fast flow acrylics shown, but they're expensive and a little wasteful to experiment with, but you do get good colours and movement), a print tray or palette to put the colours on and/or mix them, some string (I'm using embroidery thread, but most things will work if they're not too hairy) and a sketchbook.

Put some paint on your tray. You can mix it or leave it as separate colours. Use the brush to gently lay the string in the paint. It needs to be covered with paint and you might need to push it a little with your brush.

Lay the painty string onto a sketchbook page
in a pattern, and close the sketchbook over the wet string.

Leave a tail of string hanging out of the book. Grab the string and pull fairly sharply in a straight line.

This is the pattern left by the string being laid round and around in a circle. Hmmmm, not very exciting.

Here's some better ones I did yesterday using the same fast flow acrylics.

To get these shapes, I laid the string out in a slightly different way. (below)

To get a more interesting pattern with your paint, this is a good shape to lay the string in.

I've laid the string on a painted background done some while ago. There is no weight on the string so you need to pull slowly to make sure enough paint is left behind.

Pulling the string slowly in a straight line. Below: three string pulls next to each other.

The great thing about using this old acrylic pour canvas, is that I can just wipe this experiment off, and use the canvas again another day.

I liked the Quink pulls best I think.  Next, I want to try a string pull in wet paint - stay tuned!

Gouache on a miniature scale

Occasionally I get the urge to work on a tiny weeny scale. Here's some images of a gouache painting on mount board in the style of the Singh Twins.