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Beginning another quilt today

I've just started working on another pieced quilt. These are different from the Life Story series and are an exploration of colour and shape combined with my love of flowers and natural motifs such as leaves - though not animals strangely!

This one will be based on the courthouse steps pattern and is being pieced from plain white cloth. This is where I do my obsessional sewing/piecing bit trying to get it as accurate as possible, only to paint and stitch all over it so it doesn't matter and the pattern doesn't show!

You might think that's a lot of work to go to for no reason, and I confess it's difficult to explain, but to me, I'm using the white pieced quilt as a canvas for further exploration - for example, I think all that mono printing with the gelli plate may come in useful for some of the texture and colour. I may use part of the pattern in that or I may ignore it all, but underneath it all, I know that I have a traditional quilt with passable sewing skills!

This is the first one in the series which I completed earlier this year and is based on log cabin. There will be more I think working on Life quilts inbetween.

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