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Birmingham - refuelling on paintings and fabrics

I love to go to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and could spend all day there if I'm honest. I went to see Dippy on Tour. After admiring his size and especially those vertebra, we moved on to some paintings - a revisit of old favourites!

Nothing is as good as seeing these paintings in the flesh and getting up really close to admire the detail and brush work.  Details from a watercolour by Edward Burne-Jones, The Star of Bethlehem.

My apologies for the reflections on all these photos - impossible not to get them. 2 of 6 studies for the Briar Rose series by Burne-Jones.

 The Reflective Lady, oils on canvas. Arthur Joseph Gaskin. Just lovely.

And of course, no visit to Birmingham would be complete without a visit to the markets. The rag market usually has some bargains, and I was able to buy this lot to do some dressmaking. I'm not good at it really but have a pattern for a children's kimono which I'm itching to try.


  1. I go to Birmingham for work but I never go for pleasure! Very remiss of me.

    Where is the rag market? That looks a good haul!

    1. Hello there! It’s behind the Bull Ring! Or you can go through the new shopping centre and come out by the little church and it’s right there! If you need better instructions I’m quite happy to ask him wot navigates!