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Printing with gelli plate, acrylics and stencils - a new little sketchbook

 A while ago I was given a lovely little concertina sketchbook, with spaces between the pages for tucking in lovely little extras like tickets, home made labels, and biscuits.

It's not been great for wet media - it has those absorbent pages that are like trying to use loo paper, but it seems ok if you just press the gelli plate onto it. I know I could gesso or gel the pages, but I just fancy throwing caution to the wind and going for it.

So here's page 1. I did this by painting up a gelli plate and pressing a commercial stencil into it. I carefully removed the stencil and pressed it onto a sketchbook page that I'd previously printed lightly on. The stencil picked up a lot of paint and of course the leaf was left blank, but I love the texture of old paint work - in this case it was very pleasing not to have a really "good print".

This next one was done with a stronger base printed paper, and a metal stamp which had been pressed onto the loaded gelli plate - it picked up the white paint but not strongly, so that when pressed onto the base paper some of the background showed through.

And on this one, the stencil had been pressed onto the gelli plate and removed to print elsewhere. A piece of printed background paper was then pressed onto the gelli plate and picked up what the stencil had left behind.

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