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Courthouse Steps #1 - Altromeria

I've finished the Alstromeria quilt this afternoon and am feeling cheery about it - it's the lovely orangeyness of it I think!

I haven't done the binding yet, so I pinned it to a canvas so I could take a photo, but I've cropped the edges somewhat.

Here it is, and some more photos of the process below. If you want to see the whole process from the beginning, just scroll back a couple of posts.

 The Quilt as a Canvas - Courthouse Steps (Alstromeria) 

(66 x 75 cms) Pieced quilt, a little applique, and lots of machining.


  1. Lovely to see it just about complete. I have been watching this process with great interest and have never seen a quilt made in quite this manner. Thank you very much for the 'work in progress' pictures.

    1. Thank you Janet, I'm glad you enjoyed following the process.