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Courthouse steps 1 - the initial stages

Here's a step by step of yesterday's work - the beginnings of a new piece exploring colour and shape and using a pieced quilt as a canvas.

Making the white quilt top piecing together 1.5 inch squares and strips.

 The finished quilt top

 Layering up the top with wadding and backing fabric.

 Choosing the colours - acrylic paints.

Choosing a flower from some old sketchbooks. In the end I decided against all of these and took my camera out into the garden to photograph the flowers. I'm after shape and form not colour and the outline has to be doable using fused fabric.

Using masking tape to decide on blocks to fill with colour and pattern. They are easy to lift and move about until you have something that pleases you.

Beginning to add colour. For this I'm using a gelli plate (if you want to know how, just look at the pages in the sidebar and click on the printing one. You'll find several posts about how I use a gelli plate), and have masked off the area I want to print with printer paper and more tape.

 I've used a small gelli plate to print directly onto the cloth.

In this picture I have decided that my colour palette needs a bit more zing and am trying to decide whether that should be orange or magenta.

I have many, many, orange cloth circles cut by the Xcut machine for another piece so it was easy to audition the colours and shapes to help me decide, and I'm leaning towards a bright orange.

Here I've used a cutter to make circles out of freezer paper. Again auditioning whilst I try and decide to iron them in place as a mask, and then print over with the gelli plate. I think that I might go with flowers and insects for the background rather than geometric shapes.

Still not decided! Today will bring something to mind I'm sure.

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