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Courthouse steps - starting to colour

The last posting left this as a pieced white quilt which I'd just begun to think about colouring.

I've begun to block in some colours and shapes and am enjoying it all enormously. Here's where I'm up to as of this morning.

The painting you see here is rough in places, but that's because it's not finished. For example the stems are intentionally wobbly and have no edges or definition - this comes with stitch and finishing and builds slowly; I don't do a bit of quilt and finish it straight away!

The flowers I went for in the end were altroemerias because their shape was doable I think with raw edge applique. The next quilt will be Japanese anenomies, but will have to wait whilst I finish off the next life story quilt - unless I can't contain myself!!

Here's some images of the progress.

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