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The last vision starts again - using the quilt as a canvas.

If something doesn't work out it's fine in my book to throw it into the bin - or do something with it other than what was intended. At other times it is just a matter of putting it aside for a while whilst things - and you - marinate.

The Last Vision was here when I last looked at it:

I loved the gold background, but after that ground to a halt and I seemed stuck and rolled it up and put it to one side.

Having finished a very colourful botanical quilt a couple of days ago, I cast around for something to do, and picked this one back out of the pile feeling enthused enough to give it another go.  I suddenly realised that it was the gold background that was holding me back. Both myself and my daughter are blondish and my mother is completely grey of course, and what I needed was contrast. I quickly repainted the background black. It doesn't look as pretty as it did but the drama created will enable the hair colourings to shine a bit more, and I've not finished with it yet!

Also my style of painting has begun to alter slightly. It's easy to say things like "I need to be looser when I paint" but quite another thing to do it. However, I found that painting all those pears and using the gelli plate have had some effect, and I am looking forward to treating the whole quilt more like a painting - Using the Quilt As A Canvas in fact!

I'm also not going to witter on about where I'm going with it, and will just let it develop.

Painting some cloth for English paper piecing.

Playing with bits of paper to get a quilt that sits around my mother's shoulders, and that I can use as a pattern for piecing. This took some time!!

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