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Gelli plate - Using embossed paper and the Xcut to create texture

There are lots of ways of getting texture into your prints - stencils, stamps, freehand drawing etc., but I thought I'd have a go with embossed paper. You don't need a Xcut for this, as there are plenty of wallpapers out there with interesting patterns, but I thought I'd make my own.

The Xcut machine and the embossing folders which you can buy at most craft suppliers

Opening the embossing folder to put a sheet of paper inside. I used thickish paper as it was to hand and was robust enough to deal with lots of paint.

The embossed paper. I set the machine to 6.

A pile of interesting textures to print with.

Preparing the gelli plate. I'm using golden open acrylics.

Magenta and orange paint being rollered onto the gelli plate.

Pressing the papers into the wet paint to get textures

2 prints on paper

And one using gold paint on black fabric. This would have worked better with a nice crisp cotton rather than the soft artificial fibres. Interesting though.

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