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Monoprint with collage via a dolls house, farm, and several bedding sets.

Well, I have finished the farm board, and also painted a dolls house that G and I found in a local charity shop. It was a little grubby and unpainted and just needed some tlc, and we thought it would make a great thing for our granddaughters to play with if we spent some time renovating. Since the photo, it's been wallpapered,  carpeted and furnished. I'd live in it.

My smallest granddaughter loves to put things to bed, so in addition to a small collection of wooden dolls for a Christmas stocking gift, I've been sewing mattresses, sheets and pillows. Crikey, I had to give up when I hit 9 sets - couldn't face one more bright pink wadded lump.

I was going on to paint the portrait of my daughter in my "special" A3 sketchbook, but decided to have another go at monoprint with collage (see the last penultimate posting of a tree) and have had a lovely afternoon with glue and caligo printing inks. It's not dry enough to do the white painting yet, as caligo takes a few days to dry, but I'll be back soon with the results.

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