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Fabric Xmas Wreath - last minute quick make

I reckon this took me about 35 minutes and children will find this pretty easy too! I'm not a great one for spending time hemming bunting etc and am always looking for something quick and easy to do.

The front door needed some festive last minute cheer, so I found some Christmas fabric scraps (about 6 fat eights) and an old wire coathanger.  Don't take the top off the hanger as it makes a good loop to hang from a door knocker.  Use your hands or a pair of pliers to shape the hanger into a rough round. The fabric will cover a multitude of sins so don't worry if yours isn't accurate. 

All you need to do is cut your jolly fabric into 6-8 inch lengths by about 1inch wide. You can alter these measurements to suit yourself and your fabric stash, but that's the measurements for the wreath above.

Above: strips of cut fabric. Below tying them onto the coathanger with a simple over and under half knot.

Use your hand to push the cloth to the front of the hanger and twist any that aren't sitting quite right. Bunch them up good and tight.