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Bit of a mull whilst thinking about quilting

It's been a long crawl from Christmas to be honest, but so cheering today to see that spring has begun to make things grow. I just love the fresh growth on this shrub whose name I can never remember. It was given to me by Linda Kemshall on a visit some years ago now, and after DH said how lovely he thought it was. It's leaves have featured in numerous of my art based bits and bobs.

I've been doing some drawing with a view to making a still life quilt. I haven't done any quilting since I finished the Life Series. A few days ago someone contacted me saying what a shame I'd stopped, and although that was very lovely, it made me think. I'm not sure if I've stopped or not, or am just resting before starting on a new idea (of which there's loads btw). I love the processes of sewing and painting.

Trouble is, all the ideas I'm having are better suited to painting. Yes, I can make still life quilts, or portrait quilts, but in the back of my mind, there's a little voice saying why not just paint it and how will making a quilt make your ideas better?

So I'm at an impasse! I'm thinking - a slow process at the best of times.

I began a spot of sketching yesterday whilst mulling.

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