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I've eaten some spatula - and a recipe for giant chocolate chip cookies

Just suppose that you've made a large batch of very very moreish giant chocolate chip cookies for some guests, and then washed up. Just suppose that you were putting the nice clean utensils back in the drawer, and found with horror, a lump missing from the spatula you'd just used.

What would you do? Would you I wonder, whilst looking anxiously at your cookies, hunt high and low for the missing bit, perhaps checking the drains, cupboards, mixer, dishwasher etc? Well I did, but couldn't find anything.

So where was this bit of missing rubber? Was it in the biscuits that had just been baked - 16 very large and quite delicious warm biscuits? Would you throw those bits of heaven away, wasting the ingredients, or would you warn your guests to chew carefully as you handed round the plate? Perhaps you would eat them all yourself because you don't like waste, and whats a bit of rubber anyway?

Yep. Burp! I didn't find the missing bit.

This recipe was given to me so I don't know the true author, but they're very nice! With or without spatula.


2 beaten eggs
11oz self raising flour
8oz of chocolate of your choice
8oz soft butter
6oz caster sugar
4oz light brown sugar (muscovado)
About a teaspoon of vanilla extract

You'll need several baking trays and to heat the oven to 190/170 fan/gas5


Put butter in a bowl and beat until smooth. Mix together sugars and stir into the butter. Add the eggs and vanilla, beating well. Add the flour and stir in the choc.

Use a large tablespoon to spoon the mix onto the baking trays. They'll spread so don't try to put more than 4 on a tray.

Bake for 13/15 minutes until golden.

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