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Making cushions

I'm making a set of cushions to match some wallpaper and the sofa in my DD's house. I'm about half way through.

It's been tricky to buy the right colours, so I mixed some paint and textile screen printing medium and have been having a lovely time making designs on linen furnishing weight fabric.

Here's some photos! No piping or edgings/frilly bits as they just need to be hardy and simple to withstand daily life with small children using them for beds, fights, trampolining, stepping stones, and numerous other imaginative things.

A mix of yellow ochre, yellow green, black, and screen printed cow parsley.

Perhaps not the finest of finishes, but I like the simple crafted look. Stencils and stamps


Soy wax screening.


  1. They are lovely. I am partial to the parsley and dragonflies. I am sure they will serve well as stepping stones and places for heads to rest in a blanket fort. Speaking of which, I'm going to crawl into one today and stay until spring arrives.

    1. Thank you!Chilly out today but we have snowdrops out to welcome in the spring.