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Sketchbooks - A very quick and easy way to do a painting

 I'm a great fan of watching artists paint on Youtube, and have painted numerous pears in a relaxed style courtesy of one of them, just because it's such fun to do.

It got me to thinking about applying these principles to make a really easy and very quick painting for sketchbooks that everyone could perhaps do.  The following took under 5 minutes!

First of all, choose something you'd like to paint keeping the outline simple - a pear, orange, apple, bottle, whatever floats your boat. Take a photo and then copy onto an A4 sheet. Cut out the shape of the object.

Start by popping on a colour to a sketchbook page, or a piece of paper. You can use a brush, piece of kitchen towel or whatever you think. You just need to block out the white and not make it too thick a covering.

Choose some paint colours you like or that match the picture you've chosen.

Apply daubs of paint in a very rough outline of your shape - doesn't matter a bit if you end up covering the whole sheet by mistake. Don't worry about the colours at this stage, just make it interesting! Leave to dry.

Take the shape that you've cut out. Here I've used the perfume bottle I drew last week.

Place on top of the dry painted paper.

Paint a background over the paper cutout.  Things to remember about the background: paint half of one side a light colour, the other a darker colour and blend them a bit at the top.

Paint a table in the foreground by using another colour.

Paint a blob of something dark at the bottom of the shape for a shadow.

Peel off the paper cutout.

Add extra colour to the shape - a light colour to show a bit of light hitting the object and a dark on the other side.

You don't have to do this last step, but it makes the world of difference.


  1. That works really well, love that you've kept the brush marks really loose xx

    1. Thank you Laura! xx Enjoyable and easy way to get a painting in the sketchbook!

  2. I think I could do this! Thanks for such a detailed tutorial. Now to decide between indigo and paint. LOL!

  3. Well this one doesn't take very long Jeannie - I think you should do both!