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The Avid Seamstress - The Blouse

I only twigged about an hour ago, that it wasn't The Arid Seamstress but The Avid Seamstress. Doh, a mix of daftness and a difficult font.

You'd think patterns would be quite similar, but this one by the Avid Seamstress is quite lovely (no affiliations by the way)

It comes in a large fat package which includes various bits and bobs including photos of the finished blouse, back and front, a card for you to fill in and keep with your measurements, good quality paper pattern which is printed so it's easy to read (no struggling with brown tissue paper and blue lines) and an instruction booklet, with lots of photos, taking you through the stages with great thoroughness!

If this was your first pattern, I think you'd be able to manage it well, as there are also only 4 pieces.

The fabric I've chosen is a light cotton lawn by Lady McEllroy at £15.99 a metre (quite expensive for me but it was lovely and cheerful) The pattern says you need 2 metres, but to be honest I could have done it with much less and now have about 3/4 metre left over.

Very easy to make, a good fit. The sleeves are elasticated, and if I make again, I think I'll put a cuff on instead to ring the changes.

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