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The Strand pattern - Merchant and Mills

I've been doing a bit more dressmaking and am trying out all the pattern makers I can. I will be back to quilts, painting and printing shortly, but am enjoying making some clothes for a change.

This Merchant and Mills pattern is a coat called The Strand. It isn't lined and the skill level says intermediate. I had no trouble understanding the construction, but did think for a simple unlined coat, those instructions were a little complex. There did seem to be a big problem in that the back bottom piece didn't fit the back top piece in the size I cut out. (To be more explicit, the top was supposed to be larger than the bottom to allow a turning for hiding hooks and eyes. It wasn't - the bottom however seemed to have that extra bit) Not to worry it was sortable.

I would hesitate before buying another pattern by them though, despite the contemporary feel. It fits well to be fair and has lots of pockets!

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