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Vogue pattern V8793 - stretchy top by Katherine Tilton

This pattern worked well.  I chose 3 different jersey fabrics with moderate stretch and although trickier to sew on a domestic machine, it did have a stretch stitch which coped well. I double sewed all the seams and zigzagged the raw edges. An overlocker would have been good to try, and it's on my shopping list for this year I think.

I may put an extra bit on the bottom to make it longer (I did hold the pattern against me at the beginning to check but can't have got the placement quite right.) I also deliberately put the collar on slightly sideways as I thought it looked better. I didn't bother with the zip decoration on the collar as I wasn't sure it was quite me but it looked very doable.

Fits well, reasonably easy if fiddly to do, no pattern problems, and I'll probably make another one with the leftover fabrics.

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