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Butterick Pattern B5925 - A drapey top with lots of variations

A lovely drapey top with large side pockets, an uneven arching hemline, and a variety of necklines including a distorted one with matching pocket tops.

I made this in a size larger than normal (I'm a dress size 12 to 14 by M&S standards) so was worried that it would be shapeless, but I went by the measurements on the packet.

I think I could have got away with a size smaller but the fit over the bust was quite nice.

I made view A - a single colour - with draped and twisted neckline and pocket tops. I chose a thick cotton jersey in a pumpkin colour, with Gutermann thread colour 649.

The pattern is printed in black on brown tissue paper and comes in 2 sizes - x small, small, medium and large xl xxl. I chose to make the large version as some of the patterns I've made recently have all come up a bit small.  I prefer to buy multi size patterns so I can check the pattern pieces against myself before deciding which I'm going to use.

It was a simple construction and I was delighted not to have to set sleeves in - the top of the sleeve is fitted into place, but the arm, underarm and sides are sewn as one, and they also catch in the pockets.

I'd never made pockets like this so it was a new technique for me and it took me a while to fathom. The twists were made by matching dots along the edges which were designed to skew the seams.

There are 4 variations, so lots of scope for customising. Other views show arms of different colours, differing fits over the body, and different necklines and pockets.

Would I make again? Maybe in a lighter more drapey fabric. I love the colour and features but I topstiched the hem and it doesn't sit as flat as I'd like. A nice warm one for doing the pruning in!!

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