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Merchant & Mills, The Trapezette (little girl pattern)

I had seen this pattern before but dismissed it as not being very exciting. The cover photo on the pattern doesn't look quite the same as the finished article, but I saw it made up in a local shop, and it is in fact deliciously swishy and swingy, and my granddaughters definitely love a good swish!

I had some left over baby blue cord, and some lovely turquoisy cotton printed with parrots which made a nice lining (the interfacing pattern pieces fit the inside of the bodice. I didn't have enough blue cord and also thought it would be a bit thick doubled up under the arms for a little one).

Like all Merchant and Mills patterns it's printed on white paper which is much more durable than the usual tissue paper. It says a beginner can tackle it and I'd agree! It has 4 pieces - front, back, and 2 interfacing/lining.

The trickiest bit for me was making and turning the rouleau loop which you fasten to the back as the very first thing. It's very small and I had to abandon the cord and go for the lining fabric which was a little easier.

The instructions were very clear, and was easy to line, and was done by sewing all the fabrics wrong sides together, at the neck edges and armhole edges, then turning inside out. Very neat finish. I also followed the instructions carefully for the hem which is circular and there were lots of tips to get it right.

I will definitely make again, though to be honest, my little GD's would prefer a lighter fabric, preferable pink and definitely with unicorns on it. I go in search!!

Photos: finished dress, the rouleau loop and button, pulling the dress to one side to show fullness.

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