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OK a little celebration on my part

I know that sometimes the Life Quilt series upsets people. They're are a reflection of how I feel and respond to the things going on around me and are sometimes blistering. They certainly do not fit in the category of nice homely domestic wares and have shocked and yes, disgusted, some people.

Although the series has ended, I would never say never. I'm dealing with my mother's last days of life at the moment, and gosh I'm angry and upset and definitely feel "blistering" again.

I'm sharing my most "popular" (notorious!) quilt today as the views on the page above have just hit over 1/2 million and that's worthy of celebration in my book. That's a lot of people who've read what I thought on that day in waaay back in 2015, so thank you even if you didn't agree and didn't get beyond a first look.

You can read the words here:

I guess this quilt was the highlight of my quilting career - can't see it getting much better! It was exhibited alongside work by Tracey Emin and others and led me to being hugged by Cherie Blair who confessed she had the same slippers!!

" Life 4 has been selected by
Roxane Zand, Sotheby’s, Amy Mechowski, currently Sotheby’s Institute, previously Curator at V&A, Andrew Gwilliams, White Cube, and Len Massey, RCA, to be part of the Spirit of Womanhood Exhibition at the Oxo Tower, South Bank, London in March
If you’d like to see it if you’re in London, the Exhibition will open to the public 20th – 30th March 11.00-18.00 at galleries@OXO, South Bank, London. Other work on show will include pieces by Tracy Emin
The Exhibition Private View is 18.30 on Tuesday 25th March, Opened by Melvin Bragg and Cherie Blair."


  1. I am so sorry about your Mom. I am wishing her a peaceful passage. Having recently been in the same situation with both of my parents, I can empathize with you. As for your life series, they are some of my favorite quilts. I could relate to each of them. I bought a tea towel for my Aunt for her 80th birthday and she has it framed in her kitchen. Her friends love it. At our age, I think it is getting easier to tell other's who don't get our humor to pound sand (so to speak). I too own those slippers. Since I am not known for being coordinated, stitching in the nude hasn't occurred - yet. Sending hugs.

  2. Thanks Jeannie,as ever, for both for your good wishes about mum and the life series. xx