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Revisting old sketchbooks

Very occasionally I find myself tidying The Cupboard in the studio - it's a dumping ground if I'm honest! I also keep my old sketchbooks here as I can't bear to throw them away. Revisiting sketchbooks can be great, not just to look at but to spark ideas and have a chance to add extra bits to them.

If you google "creative sketchbooks" you can find lots of people making sketchbooks as a finished artworks, running workshops and courses, and just having fun on a theme. The artists ones are sometimes spectacular!

Here's some images, just for the fun of it. I'm toying with the idea of duplicating bits of this blog into a separate creative sketchbook blog and then running it alongside this one as it seems that's where the interest is - judging by my stats anyway! The postings will be duplicated on this blog so there's no need to change, but if you want to tune out of the rest of The Slightly Artistic Woman, then you will be able to visit the new blog instead (details later).

Here's some I made after watching DMTV with the wonderful Laura and Linda Kemshall

This is a page painted black with ink (not paint) and then bleached. It wasn't washed afterwards but left to develop. It hasn't damaged the pages, but if you have a go, take care and wear gloves as if you were cleaning the loo- it's noxious stuff.

Below: Pages from a made sketchbook. The pages were printed after watching one of Laura's videos, and I can't share the processes with you as it wouldn't be fair, but I love how this came out. I'm still cutting away at the pages and adding bits and bobs.  If it rains this afternoon, I think I may lock myself away for a couple of hours and have another crack at it.


  1. I love what you are doing. I keep watching the shows with Linda and Laura and think that I need to start keeping a sketchbook. Sadly, that's as far as it goes. I need to change my mindset about it and think of it as a daily diary/journal instead of "ART". I have no problems with a stich journal or a diary, but get so intimidated at the thought of mark making with something other than cloth/thread. I am subscribing to some of the DMTV archives and hoping that will jump start a journal. If we ever move out of winter into spring, there will be ample inspiration. Thank you for sharing your pages. I'm looking forward to more. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thank you. It satisfies a lot of creative urges to just watch others and Linda and Laura are certainly worth watching. Don't get overpowered with the thought of meaningful mark making - it's your sketchbook and no one need ever see it!! Have a little doodle when the mood takes you.

    2. ps I've sent you a message about my facebook profile! Love to have you join me on my new page here: https://www.facebook.com/creativesketchbooks

    3. Thank you, Annabelle! I love watching Linda & Laura, but my hand gets twitchy and wants to try it all out. Having no art background always intimidated me, but now I just want to absorb and try everything. I am following your new facebook page. Thanks!