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V Neck Dress by The Assembly Line

I liked the look of this pattern on the model, who was, to be fair, not shaped a bit like me.

The pattern comes up quite long and I had to chop about 8 inches off to get a sympathetic length on me - the full length made me look frumpy.

It is one of those patterns on paper not tissue so easy to alter and robust enough to take fiddling. The instructions were good apart from at the V neck, where it took me a long time to understand and get right - but I managed it. Yay me!

The fabric was 100% cotton from a quilt making shop, but I think something drapier would have given a better look - perhaps a double gauze or even wool for the winter.

The pockets sit very well indeed - you'd hardly know they were there unless they were stuffed with paper tissues. I added some stitching at the sleeves, hem and neck line, to lift and add definition. 

And here it is on a real life person!  I've just signed up for a pattern drafting course in the summer so that should help with fit etc.  The stitching below is done in quilting thread by Gutermann.


  1. The dress looks so comfortable and I love the fabric. You are inspiring me to take back my vow to not sew clothing (I sewed all my clothing into my 20's). I love the fact that it has pockets, too. Well done!

    1. Thanks Jeannie, the dress will be good in the summer - if we get one - as it's nice and cool. The pockets went in well and with the fabric I chose, and appear seamless which pleases me in some way! I'm enjoying sewing clothes although I think it's quite expensive and not always successful. I'm thinking of it as a very happy hobby rather than "make-do-and-mend" or as anything fabulously tailored. One day though maybe!