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Cup and saucer pin cushion

I bought the above pin cushion some year's ago, and it has featured in one of my quilts. You can guess by that, that I love it quite a bit! So I thought I'd have a go at making one for a friend.

You need a pretty vintage tea cup and saucer, but I guess you could do similar with an egg cup etc.

I chose a piece of cloth to go with the china, and used the saucer to cut out a round from the fabric.

I then did a smallish running stitch around the circle and pulled it slightly into a round. I filled this with scraps of polyester wadding before pulling the thread tightish and finishing it off. I then glued the wadded circle into the cup using a general purpose glue. Put the glue on the cup not on the fabric, it's easier.

Options: The beads shown on the cup above, were a small bracelet which is made to the size of the cup and simply rested on the top at the edge. The middle was filled with glass headed pins.


  1. My husband bought me a tea cup pincushion and I love it. I've been collecting cups and saucers to make some for friends. As we are entering the too hot to garden season, your post is just the right kick in the rear to get me making them. Thanks!

    1. We are supposed to be entering the heat of summer too but sadly we aren't. I'm seriously thinking of putting on the central heating again. Glad you like using old china too.